Your problem is that standaloneify has not been updated to work with RubyGems 1.3.2.  From the 1.3.2 release notes:

   * Removed Gem::Specification::list, too much process growth.  Bug
This comment from Eric Hodel on the RubyGems mailing list can probably help you:
This method recorded every spec that was loaded even if no such gem
was ever required.  I suspect that what's really wanted is
Yeah, it should use Gem.loaded_specs:

$ grep -nA1 \.list require2lib.rb
60:      Gem::Specification.list.each do |gem|
61-        if gem.loaded?
So, try replacing "Gem::Specification.list" in standaloneify.rb with "Gem.loaded_specs".  You should be good to go after that.  
Hope that helps
Allison Newman

Le 13 févr. 10 à 19:50, subverse a écrit :

Hi everybody,

i have a problem with the standaloneify.rb :

ruby standaloneify.rb -d throws the
following error :

`method_missing': undefined method `list' for Gem::Specification
    from standaloneify.rb:102:in `find_files'
    from standaloneify.rb:141
Couldn't read dependency list

Thank You in advance.

Best regards.


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