Yup, its a bridge thing. You'll notice that the init method that I defined in the last post does the same thing as the hillegass example. As long as you stay on one side of the bridge or the other, you can do as you please, but as soon as you cross the bridge using super_ you have to keep the same signature. 

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Le 19 mars 2010 à 11:11, Wolfgang Kittenberger <kittekat@kabsi.at> a écrit :


Thanks for the fast response and your advice.

Is this a requirement specific for the Rubycocoa bridge?
I found in the Hillegass book (3rd edition)  on page 359 an Objective-C code snippet like this:

@implementation DepartmentViewController

- (id)init
if (![super initWithNibName:@"DepartmentView"
return nil;
[self setTitle:@"Departments"];
return self;


best regards

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