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[80ddf7] (HEADmaster) by taca taca

A simple TODO.

2011-05-22 01:05:53 Tree
[340ff4] by taca taca

Note changes.

2011-05-22 01:05:25 Tree
[bffb48] by taca taca

Add support for statvfs(2) with care for DragonFly BSD.

2011-05-22 01:02:27 Tree
[bd99fd] by taca taca

Use NULL instead of 0, as for a commentin ticket #2887258 by ggarami.

2011-05-22 00:52:14 Tree
[3534ab] by taca taca

Use StringValuePtr() instead of obsolete STR2CSTR().

2011-05-22 00:50:26 Tree
[b615e0] by taca taca

Avoid initialize auto variable of structure. Some (older) compiler
dosen't support it.

2011-05-22 00:36:27 Tree
[5361fa] by taca taca

Include <unistd.h> if available.

2011-05-22 00:34:06 Tree
[197f05] by taca taca

Add copyright notice here.

2011-05-22 00:30:31 Tree
[676a6a] by taca taca

Remove debugging printf().

2011-05-17 15:15:40 Tree
[8a8848] by taca taca

* check <unistd.h> header.
* check <sys/statvfs.h> header for NetBSD.

2011-04-02 04:56:52 Tree
[9f44a3] by ttate ttate

*** empty log message ***

2004-08-25 16:27:50 Tree
[fd05af] by ttate ttate


2003-10-18 15:56:00 Tree
[ca6dd9] by ttate ttate

V0 quota format.

2003-02-13 07:49:36 Tree
[e08c08] by ttate ttate

Initial revision

2002-11-12 05:43:18 Tree

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