Ruby-GNOME 2: ruby-gnome2 ruby-gnome2-2.1.0 Released

This is a set of bindings for the GNOME-2.x and GNOME-3.x libraries to
use from Ruby 1.9.x and 2.0.0.

Ruby 2.1.0 support release!

=== Changes

==== All

  • Improvements
    • Set license information to gem.
  • Fixes
    • [windows] Added missing binaries for Ruby 2.1.0.
      [GitHub#123] [Patch by Masafumi Yokoyama]

==== Ruby/GDK3

  • Improvements
    • [windows] Bundled hicolor-icon-theme. It may fix a problem that
      Windows theme is not applied.
      [ruby-gnome2-devel-en] [Reported by Regis d'Aubarede]

=== Thanks

  • Masafumi Yokoyama
  • Regis d'Aubarede
Posted by Kouhei Sutou 2013-12-29

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