Ruby-GNOME2-0.5.0 is now available. Enjoy!

* Ruby/GLib
- Fixed warning for ruby-1.8.1. [Masao Mutoh]
- Fixed some bugs, Added methods and improved: [Masahiro Sakai]
GLib::Object, GLib::ParamSpec, GLib::Signal, GLib::Type,
GLib::Instantiatable, GLib::MetaInterface, GLib::Param::String

* Ruby/GdkPixbuf
- Fixed a bug. [Geoff Youngs]

* Ruby/Pango
- Some constants were moved. [Masao Mutoh]
Moved Pango::Attribute::UNDERLINE_* to Pango::AttrUnderline::*.
Moved Pango::Attribute::SCALE_* to Pango::AttrScale::*.

* Ruby/GTK
- Completed: [Masao Mutoh]
Gtk::AccelGroup, Gtk::Style, Gtk::Selection
- Added some methods, improved: [Stephen Lewis, Masahiro Sakai, Masao Mutoh]
Gtk::TextBuffer, Gtk::TextIter, Gtk::TreeIter, Gtk::ListStore,
Gtk::TreeStore, Gtk, Gtk::HandleBox, Gtk::Frame, Gtk::Container,
Gtk::Table, Gdk::Input, Gtk::Widget, Gtk::Allocation, Gtk::RC,
Gtk::ItemFactory, Gtk::Toolbar, Gtk::Window, Gtk::CellEditable,
Gtk::Accessible, sample/misc/*.rb
- Added and completed. [Nikolai :: lone-star :: Weibull, Masao Mutoh]
Gtk::RcStyle, Gtk::TargetList, Gtk::TreeSortable, Gtk::TreeModelSort,
Gtk::IMContext, Gtk::IMContextSimple, Gtk::IMMulticontext
- Added: [Masao Mutoh]
- Renamed some methods. [Masao Mutoh]
Gtk::Table, Gtk::Widget
- Removed: [Masao Mutoh]
Gtk::Object#user_data, #user_data=, #set_user_data.
Deprecated properties of Gtk::ProgressBar.
Gtk::Requisition. Use [width, height] instead.
Gtk::Widget#set_requisition, *_event, Gtk::Widget::NO_PARENT.
Gtk::SelectionData.remove_all. Use Gtk::Selection.remove_all instead.

* Ruby/GNOME
- Cygwin support [Masahiro Sakai]
- sample/test-gnome/color-picker.rb: Follow Ruby/GTK changes.[Masao Mutoh]

* Ruby/GnomeCanvas
- sample/canvas-primitives.rb: Follow Ruby/GTK changes.[Masao Mutoh]

* Ruby/Libglade
- Fix a bug of bin/ruby-glade-create-template. [Masao Mutoh]

* Ruby/Libart
- None

* Ruby/GConf
- Added GConf::MetaInfo. [Nikolai :: lone-star :: Weibull]
- Fixed a bug [Masao Mutoh]

Posted by Masao Mutoh 2003-05-24

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