This problem may be caused my change for GRClosure in HEAD.

Please, help me. :-) It might be the cause of my problems indeed. I'm refactoring my
libraries but I still am having lots of problems. I will email you privately libraries, examples,
and instructions. I just need to refactor some more files.

I can confirm that the problem is related to the GRClosure, because I reverted the
files to the revisions prior to the GRClosure changes and now I have Ruby-GNOME2
from the CVS working like a charm for my applications.

I know your changes to GRClosure were to try to fix memory leaks.

Also, I sent to you an email containing my libraries and examples.

Now I'm more calm. :-) It was two days of uncertainty to me.

Luckily we found these problems before the next release. :-) I'm anxious to try the
Cairo extensions. Also I want to test it on Windows.