Thank you all for your reply

Gtk::Settings.default.gtk_font_name="Sans 24"

this line works like charm
of course 24 is too big :)

sorry, been away for a moment from this project because my other project needs attention.

I'd rather not change all desktop font, since basically it's a general application
that can be used by all, not just elders

it's a karaoke program :D

or to be precise, it's a front end to choose and queue song to play in VLC, ala karaoke suite
I make this for my father, he likes singing a lot.
And most likely my girlfriend will also use this since she likes singing too :)


On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 3:39 AM, Geoff Youngs <> wrote:
On 22 October 2011 05:40, hendra kusuma <> wrote:
> Hi all
> First, I want to thank you developer, for this great library. I like it so much and it really helps me a lot
> and now,
> I'm currently making an app for elder people here
> is there a way to make all font in my application bigger, rather than set them one by one?

If it's a desktop application to run on your user's computer, it'd be
much better to point them towards the control panel to increase the
font size for all their applications.

If it's the only application the target users will have access to/use
on the machine, then it may be worth overriding the default setting
for your application in Gtk::Settings

Gtk::Settings.default.gtk_font_name="Sans 24"

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