Le 25 février 2012 07:20, Masaaki Aoyagi <masaakiaoyagi@gmail.com> a écrit :
Hi, Vincent.

Great work!

A few comments though:

* I think GTK_TYPE_MESSAGE_TYPE should be defined as Gtk::MessageType.
(similar to Gtk::PositionType and others)
Just for your information, I've attached enum list.

* I think GTK_TYPE_RESPONSE_TYPE should be defined as Gtk::ResponseType.

Sorry for too late reply.

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Hi Masaaki

Thanks for your compliment.
I agree that GTK_TYPE_MESSAGE_TYPE should be defined as Gtk::MessageType
but they are all ready defined as Gtk::MessageDialog::Type that is why I
redefined it as Gtk::InfoBar::Type.
I propose to define GTK_TYPE_MESSAGE_TYPE as Gtk::MessageType, 
keep Gtk::MessageDialog::Type for compatibility sake and remove
Gtk::InfoBar::Type as no one except me should have write code
including this constant.

Vincent Carmona