Greetings All,

I have been making announcements to Google Plus' Ruby GUI Community in regards to the work I have been doing on VisualRuby's new IDE Interface.  And cause I have been working so hard to bring this together, into a more modern design, I figured I would make some announcements here.

First, you can check out the previous posts I have made about VisualRuby IDE's on our Google+ GUI Community here:

Secondly, if you wish to check out the code, I'm currently working on (Which isn't complete, but I do use the IDE, when developing the IDE), you can check out the code from here:

Any questions, suggestions, feedback, I appreciate it.  Love to know how I'm doing things, and how people like them so far.  Just remember, that this is Alpha Software, and not fully developed, there will be times, when it crashes out, but I have tried to keep that to a minimum as much as possible. lol


Mario Steele

Mario Steele