On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 4:47 PM, Eric C. <ruby-forum-incoming@andreas-s.net> wrote:
Hi Hendra:

I just got home from vacation, and successfully installed gtksourceview.
I installed your program, and it ran perfectly on the first try.  Its a
really nice looking program.  You did an excellent job.  I really like
your code.  I'm able to understand what each file does without much

I'm going to read more of it tomorrow.  My first question is, why did
you write the GUI code by hand instead of using glade?

My project is similar to yours.  Mine has a code editor, and it adds
version control over the network, and a simple object save/retrieve
methods so you can serialize any object and store it to disk.  Also, I'm
including a simple method to run a glade file.  So, for example, if you
make a class MyClass.rb  then there could be a file MyClass.glade.  You
could then call the MyClass#build_glade() method to load the glade file.
I'd love your help if you're interested.  I'm in my 2nd month of Ruby,
so I'm still re-writing a lot.  Andrea Dallera has been helping me break
in to ruby (Thanks Andrea if you see this!).

I'll get back to you after I read more of your code.

Also, what are your plans for this program?

Glad you like it
actually, I didn't write the code by hand.
OK, I did it by hand, but not the files on controller/base directory, I generate them.
Remember when I told you to take a look at script directory?
There's a code generator there.
so basically, I write those ruby code in view folder,
then generate files in controller/base based on files in view folder
using script/migrate-view.rb,
that's what I mean when I mention my framework

The reason why I don't use glade is.... because previously I have already created similar
code generator for wxwidget (wxruby)
but since I got stuck with wxruby I decide to migrate the code to GTK.
It was far easier for me back then to migrate the code rather than to learn glade
(I migrate the code from wxwidget to gtk in less than a week)

your code to load glade seems very interesting, if you don't mind perhaps you can share it? I have no experience with glade before, I think I'll give it a try

For now this project is on hold because I am very busy at the moment. I haven't plan anything other than finishing main features. Actually I want it to be good enough to replace Geany (editor I used to code ruby). That's the main reason why I write this app.

I don't really understand about version control so I guess yours is better than mine.
But I hope you include those object browser, directory tree and split view in your project, because if you do, I will use your app, as long as it is lightweight ;D

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