Good to hear your there and ok. It was funny, at work(I am in US) I overheard two different "cube units" talking about "I hope Matz is ok"  and also "what about the other guys that"
Oh yes, and I was also wondering... is the power for
Going to be stable?
Anyways, take care. Keep clear.
I had a dream last night that Sir Elton John was leading a party of nuclear surviors through some canyon. That is a good sign right? ... hmm
Sorry this has nothign to do with gnome2-devel.  I just thought a little shinny light would be good.


From: Kouhei Sutou []
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Subject: Re: [ruby-gnome2-devel-en] invalid version of pango for 0.90.6 andlater on new build


I'm sorry for my late response because my mail domain's mail
server is still down by the earhquake in Japan...

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