In the next coming months I hope to help out alot more. I just "inhertited" a nice chunk of Ruby/GTK code. Something I will be stuck with for awhile. I am more used to dealing with kernel's and hardware directly. this GUI stuff... hmm... human interaction? :>
But I love Ruby. And Gnome is basically the default GUI evironment on computers these days. So I might as well get and learn it.

From: Kouhei Sutou []
Sent: Thu 3/17/2011 6:12 AM
Subject: Re: [ruby-gnome2-devel-en] invalid version of pango for 0.90.6 andlater on new build

>> What's that 2.0b7 doing there?
> I guess it was written for testing purpose.
> I have deleted it from svn repo.

Yes. It's my fault.
Thanks for fixing it!

> Thanks for your report.

And thanks for reporting too!



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