2009/10/23 Vincent Carmona <ruby-forum-incoming@andreas-s.net>
Hi everyone.

My application (an audio player) crashes times to times with a
segmentation fault. I think I have at last found a possible cause. It
seems that playbin cannot play a mms stream after playing some other
Take a look at attachment for a minimal example of the bug.

I write my application under ubuntu intrepid but I have the same bug
with an up-to-date ubuntu karmic (Gst::BUILD_VERSION=[0, 10, 25],
Gtk::VERSION=[2 ,18, 3], Gtk::BUILD_VERSION=[2 ,18, 2],
Gtk::BINDING_VERSION=[0 ,19, 0]).

I do not know if I should report this bug to ruby-gnome2 team or to
another team. An other possibility : I do not know how to use playbin.

I was able to reproduce the problem with stock ruby from Debian unstable (ruby 1.8.7, rg2 0.19.3).

However, with ruby 1.8.6, 1.8.7 and 1.9.1 installed through rvm, and RG2 0.19.3, I do not have it.

So, it is most likely a debian/ubuntu problem. Can you try on another distro ?


Simon Arnaud