Kouhei Sutou wrote:

        yup, i found that script, and inspected it, and it's great, but not what i
        wanted to do.
        for some reasons:
        * does not move the widget while dragging, only an icon for it - i need the
        object to be visible, since it's going to be sort of a wysiwyg print layout
        editor with mysql backend
        * as far as i understood and item has to receive the drop - i got only 1 layout
        as source and destination
        * i need exact pixel coordinates of the drop
        the current state of my Layout class is:

    You should show us the Layout class if you want to get more

thought so :)

	  case event.event_type

It's better that you connect each signal
(button-press-event, motion-notify-event and
button-release-event) instead of signal_connect('event") and
case - when style.
yes, i know, i was experimenting with events, i didn't know what to use, that's why i chose this for the first run.
		when Gdk::Event::BUTTON_PRESS
#		  print "press\tx=#{event.x}\ty=#{event.y}\n"

		when Gdk::Event::MOTION_NOTIFY
		when Gdk::Event::BUTTON_RELEASE

It's better that you draw on "expose" signal not on
"button-press-event", "motion-notify-event" and
"button-release-event" signals. So, you just call
parent.queue_draw_area on those signals and wait "expose"
signal is emitted.

and why is that?

anyways, any ideas on the color issue?