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  "[ruby-gnome2-devel-en] Gtk::Drag.source_set produces [BUG] Segmentation fault" on Tue, 23 Jan 2007 15:31:56 +0200,
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i want to have some texts on screen, in a way that user can position 
them by dragging them with the mouse.
i decided to use Gtk::Label-s on a Gtk::Layout.
when i try to add drag-and-drop to it, it segfaults.


You don't need to use Gtk::Drag for this. See
sample/misc/drag-move.rb in Ruby/GTK2.

yeah, after i sent this mail, i have found the examples, and understood them.
but they are not the right solution for me, what i want to do is to have a fixed or a layout and some labels on it, and allow the user to move the labels with the mouse.
so i dropped the dnd, and tried another solution:
i have a layout
i put a label on it
i stay on label's MOTION_NOTIFY event like this:
..case of event type == MOTION_NOTIFY

but this has the following problem:
when the first event occurs the first move is good, but that generates a new motion event, even the mouse hasn't moved, because the coordinates of the label are changed.

for example if the label was put at 100,100
mouse button press at  x=34.0  y=10.0
coo: 34.0,11.0
event x,y: 34.0,11.0
moving  test text        to     68.0    21.0
coo: 67.0,91.0
event x,y: 67.0,91.0
moving  test text        to     101.0   101.0
coo: 34.0,12.0
event x,y: 34.0,12.0
moving  test text        to     68.0    22.0
coo: 67.0,92.0
event x,y: 67.0,92.0
moving  test text        to     101.0   102.0
coo: 35.0,13.0
event x,y: 35.0,13.0
moving  test text        to     69.0    23.0

and the resulting is a label
in every even case is around the mouse,
and in every odd case is somewhere at the edge of the layout.

so unless anyone has a better idea,
i conclude to drop the idea of moving the label in 'realtime'
i rather hide the label and create a rectangle in it's place,
and move the rectangle , using the label's motion event (-if such thing is possible)
and on the button release i destroy the rectangle and show the label on the new position.