Mathieu Blondel wrote:
 Add to that, (No 
offense Masao or Kouhei), neither speak much English.  So it's kinda a 
language barrier there to.  Though we're slowly educating them to the 
way us American's talk, I'm sure.
WTF! Educating them?? What about you learning Japanese? You know, you 
Americans are not the only people on earth. A (free software) community 
is about people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, 
cultures, and languages...

Unlike you, I don't feel that barrier and I think that their English 
skills are enough to communicate on this list and carry out their 
maintainer's duties. Besides, as this thread shows, there are always 
other people to answer. What you said is irrelevant.

The rest isn't applicable here, cause I agree with it, and it doesn't apply to what I wanted to reply about.  I had a feeling something like this would come out, if I made the remark, and was trying to light step it.  But, I did want to point out a few things.

1.) Educating them was meant to be a light talk, wasn't meant to be derogatory. 
2.) I have been learning some Japanese, but it's been sparse and in between.  I love to learn their language, and their history more in-depth, cause I am completely fascinated by their culture.
3.) Yes, I know American's aren't the only ones on the face of the Earth, there are many cultures that make up the Earth, many religions, and so forth. I believe in the right to be different, and have one's own view of the world, being Wiccan and all.  So you won't get no argument from me there.
4.) I don't see it as a barrier, for what Masao and Kouhei does, is very admirable.  Communication is one of the hardest things to do, when there are so many perspectives, I meant it only as a warning for others, that may get upset when they look at their replies, and may start to flame.  Hence for the part of the No offense to Masao and Kouhei.  And they are learning I am sure, by reading what we say, and translating it back into their own natural language.  It's a learning experience for anyone who speaks another language, Programming or not.
5.) American isn't even a language per say, it doesn't conform to the English dialect as it was truely meant to be spoken in England.  It is, in all terms of the word, slang.
6.) Lastly, I didn't mean this or the last as an offensive email to anyone, I am sorry you took it that way.  I only meant to point out to be patient with the developers.  They are doing what they can, with what little time they have.  Also, note that this is an English speaking mailing list, designated by the ruby-gnome2-devel-en part of the email address.

Again, I apologize for the offensiveness of my last email that anyone took.

Apologetically yours,
Mario Steele