Hey Masao,
Got another patch for ya, to update the Glade Create Template program.  This allows widgets that are in the glade xml file, be defined as read attributes on the Class object.  EG:
Glade has definition for 'mainwin', instead of having to access it through @glade['mainwin'], you can now use glade_obj.mainwin.  It's sorta a convience method, then anything else.  Still working on the ZipGlade library, as it's kinda on back order while I work on my Instant Messenger.
Line 184-185:
@glade = GladeXML.new(path_or_data, root, domain, localedir, flag) {|handler| method(handler)}
@glade.widget_names.each do |name|
    #{classname}.module_eval("def \#\{name\}() @glade['\#\{name\}'] end")