#177 poppler: extra linking to libpoppler


Currently the poppler extension links to both libpoppler-glib (which is what the extension wraps) and the private libpoppler library.
The linking to libpoppler seems to come from the poppler-cairo pkg-config search in poppler/ext/poppler/extconf.rb; poppler-cairo does not represent "glib is compiled with cairo" (which is already expressed in the pkg-config file for poppler-glib, and by the POPPLER_HAS_CAIRO #define set in that case), but it's more really something related to the private libpoppler library.

It seems that removing the line
| PKGConfig.have_package('poppler-cairo')
from poppler/ext/poppler/extconf.rb does not cause any build failure (although I couldn't run the test suite) but only no libpoppler.so in the NEEDED dependencies of poppler.so (diff the output of `readelf -d poppler.so | grep NEEDED` before and after the above change).


  • Kouhei Sutou

    Kouhei Sutou - 2012-03-03

    Thanks for your report!
    I've removed poppler-cairo check as you mentioned in master.

  • Kouhei Sutou

    Kouhei Sutou - 2012-03-03
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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