#2 libglade stock menuitem problem

ruby-gnome (11)
Mike Wyer

Stock menu items don't work with libglade. They just
appear as a short horizontal line at the top of the
menubar. If you click on that line, the menu does
appear. Normal menu items work ok.


  • Mike Wyer

    Mike Wyer - 2002-03-14

    Glade file and example ruby code

  • Neil Conway

    Neil Conway - 2002-03-17
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    • assigned_to: nobody --> klamath
  • Neil Conway

    Neil Conway - 2002-03-17

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    Strange. I'll take a look at this -- however, it will
    probably need to wait for after the 0.28 release.

    Thanks for the bug report.

  • Masao Mutoh

    Masao Mutoh - 2002-06-01

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    extconf.rb in libglade couldn't support GNOME although
    rbglade.c could support it.

    This bug was fixed. And GNOME support is default now.
    #You also need Ruby/GTK and Ruby/GNOME.

    If you want to be disable GNOME, you have to do as follows:
    $ruby extconf.rb --disable-gnome

    This bug was fixed but after 0.28 was out.
    Please wait for 0.29 or use libglade in CVS.

  • Masao Mutoh

    Masao Mutoh - 2002-06-01
    • status: open --> closed

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