Licensing and integration

  • planarsoft

    planarsoft - 2005-12-14

    We offer custom based solutions for a growing group of iseries customers and were thinking of integrating jrubik to our offering. Is this possible? We want to share all code enhancements, modifications, experience (os400, db400) that we do on your codebase. Our model is anyway that we charge only on services (on product) and not the product itself. Please tell me what you think.

    Best regards,

    • Alberto

      Alberto - 2005-12-14

      We don't mind that you use the software as you want. You must take care about the different licenses of the libraries and software that JRubik use and we don't develope. Some of them can have restrictions. Because that, we choose a plugin architecture. You are welcome to use it and to make improvements over the code, if we can we will incorporate them to the main project.



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