Discoverer Refresh / Schema Reload?

  • Reis3k

    Reis3k - 2010-06-28

    I modify the cube schema very regular, and want to test on JRubik if it still works. However, I couldn't find any refresh feature to reload the schema which is shown in "Discoverer" area in JRubik. Everytime,  I restart the JRUbik to let the recognize the new schema changes. Is there any short cut for this?

  • Felix Saz

    Felix Saz - 2010-06-28

    It is not easy, you can try this:

    1 -Modifies the schema..
    2 -Menu: File->Settings:
    2 A - Click on "Datasources Setting"
    2 B - Select a schema.
    2 C - Click on "Edit Datasource" (The icon is a pencil).
    2 D - For example changes the description (This enables the button to apply).
    2 E - Click the button to apply
    3 F - Close the window.
    3 -Click on "Mondrian cache Flush"(The icon is an arrow)
    5 -Finally expand the discoverer tree.

    I hope this helps somewhat.


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