Drill Down

  • Cetin Akbulut

    Cetin Akbulut - 2008-06-09

    Hello together,

    is it possible make a drill down in the table in the new version of JRubik (JRubik_Olap4j_laboratory-bin-0.0.0).

    Best regards

    • Felix Saz

      Felix Saz - 2008-06-10

      In this version you can not make a drill down, but this is not a problem of JRubik.
      JRubik_Olap4j_laboratory is only to let you play with the new API Olap4j.
      This distribution is not a final product, so you can't use all operations.
      This new API is not finished. If you want more information please visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/olap4j

      If you want to use a full olap engine you have to download one of the previous releases, for example, jrubik-bin-0.9.4


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