XMLA client for SQL Server 2005 AS?

  • Matt Stucky

    Matt Stucky - 2007-04-24

    Was just wondering if anyone had connected JRubik to MS SQL Server 2005 AS?  I have my AS config'd as an XMLA server, would like to use this product to browse my cubes.

    I found the part in the other thread about "changing the workmode to XMLA" but can't find where this setting is stored....

    Anyone care to help me skip the random hunt-and-try of figuring out the connection settings and just point me to where I need to go?  I'd sure appreciate it.

    When/if I get it working, I'll post a mini-how-to back here.


    • Matt Stucky

      Matt Stucky - 2007-04-24

      Open the app, on the menu bar, select Work Mode | XMLA Client

      restart the app

      on the left, just above where is says DataSources, click the column header where it says "Connection Uri:"

      then enter the url in the text box, in my case it was the standard

      the hardest part of this whole thing was correctly configuring the SQL Server Analysis Server to accept connections.  Remember that because you're going thru a website, the "system user" that launched IIS has to have privs to contact/query the Analysis Server.



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