problem connecting to PostgreSQL data source

  • t.n.a.

    t.n.a. - 2010-11-07

    I have read README.txt and have tried using the driver setup wizard, but when I attempt to access a cube using a pgsql datasource, I get a "No suitable driver found for jdbc:postgresql://localhost/mydb".

    I believe the driver wizard doesn't work correctly:
    - it seems to have a strong preference to MySQL and Derby Embedded: when I select a MySQL or Derby Embedded datasource, the "Driver Settings" view shows a correct value in the "Database" field (i.e. "MySQL" and "DerbyEmbedded", respectively), but when I select a PostgreSQL datasource, the "Database" field remains the last selected value (i.e. "MySQL" or "DerbyEmbedded", whichever it was that was selected prior to pgsql, or "OTHER" if pgsql was selected first)
    - the "cancel" button doesn't close the form

    With some additional fiddling in "Datasource Settings" (I can only say "fiddling", because I can't tell what information I'm supposed to enter or why) I was able to establish a connection to pgsql, but as long as a valid datsources.xml is available, I think it's quite confusing for users in general to have to tweak something in another configuration category when adding a JDBC driver.

    Is packaging a dozen or so JDBC drivers with the app (MySQL, PostgreSQL, DerbyEmb., Derby Network, HSQLDB, MSSQL/jtds, jdbc-odbc, luciddb…?) doable from a licencing perspective? I think it would go far in providing a more streamlined user experience, at least until the driver management UI is made more robust?


  • Felix Saz

    Felix Saz - 2010-11-08

    My knowledge of English is very low.
    I understand that the user interface to add a new driver does not work properly.
    I also understand that you managed to install the dirver as PostgreSQL.
    At this time the development,  of JRubik, stands stop.

    How to add a new driver manually. Without UI?
    To add a new driver must edit the file "JRubik/HOME/es.aeat.eett.rubik.drivers@2.1.0/plugin.xml."

    How to change the data sources manually. Without UI?
    Edit the file "JRubik/HOME/data/resources/catalogs/datasources.xml"

    Thanks for your suggestions.


  • t.n.a.

    t.n.a. - 2010-11-08

    Entonces escribe en castellano. :)

    Me has entendido bien y me has dicho lo que he querido saber.
    Ahora puedo establecer connexiones a PostgreSQL, pero voy a probarlo como lo has explicado.

    Me recomiendas que use La Azada en lugar de JRubik?
    Por cierto, se te interesa, puedes ver aquí que hago con OLAP: Se trata también de un proyecto del código abierto.


  • Felix Saz

    Felix Saz - 2010-11-09

    He ojeado tu proyecto y parece interesante, ideal para los amigos de la monitorización.
    La_Azada usa olap4j ( ) y el soporte para la navegación gráfica esta en fase experimental. Yo he hecho algunas 'chapuzas' con la intención de soportar una funcionalidad mínima que considero imprescindible.
    ¿Es posible poner mondrian a servir XMLA? ¿Por ejemplo con jetty? Esto permitiría a cada usuario elegir su herramienta de análisis preferida Excel, jpivot. Jrubik, La_azada, PAT, Etc. Tambien les permitiria usar varios generadores de informes.


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