JRubik in Spanish version

  • arine

    arine - 2006-08-02

    Hi JRubik users!!

    I´d like to know how can i translate into Spanish the titles used in JRubik, i think this is possible because there are some files into Locale folder like: LocalizationBundle_es.properties, where do i have to change in order to use the second file?

    Thks in advanced!!

    • Felix Saz

      Felix Saz - 2006-08-03

      This is possible in the new version of JRubik- You only have to download it.


    • arine

      arine - 2006-08-03

      I found only JRubik 0.6, released at http://sourceforge.net/projects/rubik.

      where can i download the new version JRubik- from?

    • arine

      arine - 2006-08-03

      It is not necessary any more, i have already found it.
      Thanks any way.

    • arine

      arine - 2006-08-03


      What exactly do i have to do in order to use the spanish version of JRubik?
      I have the JRubik- version and my system languaje is: portuguese (pt_BR).
      In the file logs/{username}_rubik.log, it is written:

      [AWT-EventQueue-0] WARN  org.java.plugin.standard.StandardPluginClassLoader can't load class LocalizationBundle_pt_BR, plug-in {PluginDescriptor: uid=es.aeat.eett.rubik.core@1.1.8} is not activated yet.


    • Felix Saz

      Felix Saz - 2006-08-04

      You can looking for every file with the name LocalizationBundle_es.properties and copy the content of the files in a new file with the name LocalizationBundle_pt_BR.properties.

      Another solution could be copy the content of every LocalizationBundle_es.properties file in the LocalizationBundle.properties but this is a not very good solution because the default language is the English and if you change the content of these files the default language would be changed to Spanish.

      NOTE: There is a version in Portuguese language fot some of the menus if you prefer use it.

      NOTE: The correct name of the last version is JRubik-0.9.1 The last .1 I don`t know from i took it.

    • arine

      arine - 2006-08-04

      ok, i think there could be another solution, i mean where i only need to change one line in order to change the languaje of Jrubik.

      Changing several files is not a good soluction because you can forget some of them, and in this case your app would be multilanguage.

      Thanks any way.

    • Felix Saz

      Felix Saz - 2006-08-04

      If you want use the Spanish language by default
      you can go here -->
      Pluging es.aeat.estt.workbench.core
      file es.aeat.estt.workbench.core.CorePlugin.java
      line 195 initApplication(..)
      and change the default locale

    • KlemenKovacic

      KlemenKovacic - 2008-08-25


      i am facing the same problem. I changed all the locale properties files from english to slovene, but now i have a version which is partialy in english and version which is partialy slovene. Where can i change the button labels and stuff?

      Kind regards,


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