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Subversion Migration

Currently we are in the process of migrating back to SourceForge onto their Subversion (SVN) services. They have been tested for a few months now and seem pretty solid. This, of course, means that CVS service at BerliOS has been retired.

As always, check the home page link for more info and latest news/discussion.

Posted by Chris Smith 2006-05-12

sf cvs contents retired

contents of sourceforge cvs are now officially retired, due to growing pains, cvs services of sf have suffered. this has caused rts2 to move its cvs repository to a new home.

this does NOT affect other things like trackers and webspace, which will continue as before

with this new cvs in place, and able to be actively used without delay or downtime, productivity should increase


Posted by Chris Smith 2004-06-27

Visit our site (

This is the site if anyone was wondering, i wont update this one very often at all (3 ogre releases have come out since last news update, and we have some screenies and a new framework)

For everything rts/2, news updated frequently, forums, pics, downloads, documents, etc. Go there!


Posted by Chris Smith 2003-06-19

OGRE 0.9.7 FIXED Released!

Yes i re-did and un-bugified the new MSVC++ OGRE 9.0.7 release, it has all dependancies included in one big happy tarball (you will need a .tar.gz extractor (like winzip, winrar,7zip,etc.) to extract it) Expect a RTS/2 Alpha soon, ill keep you posted.
PS: for the most up-to-date news/downloads/forums please visit (our homepage) instead of here

Posted by Chris Smith 2003-02-23

OGRE .99e PASSES my Torture tests!!!

I downloaded the new .99e demos and beefed up the triangle (polygon) count by putting a killer 65 THOUSAND polygons MOVING on the screen at ONCE. Plus i moved the mouse around fast too, so i was doing that WHILE calculating the screen positions AND drawing the polygons where they should be on the moving screen. (not including background/sky) And OGRE passed with flying colors with a VERY respective rock solid frame rate of 15 fps (did i mention that this was in 1600x1200 res in 32 bit color textures, fullscreen, with a pitiful Geforce 2?) So for all you thinkin that this engine wont be fast enough, just look at this test!... read more

Posted by Chris Smith 2002-10-29


Download the newest version of OGRE, including a (beta) 3ds max exporter! They are working on a toolbar for a whole buch of tools for 3ds max/OGRE! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!

Posted by Chris Smith 2002-10-28

status report

we are working on our website and getting ogre to work.

Posted by andrew blevins 2002-10-24


Uh, whats up with that? For some reason the project has kinda like not been updated...??? Hmmm Well my excuse is OGRE not compiling, but thats because i dont got the SDK version of Direct X....downloading right now...then ill compile it, but what about all you other peeps?


Posted by Chris Smith 2002-10-08

****UPDATE-RTS2 DD Released!!

yep its up, check it out in the docs section...


Posted by Chris Smith 2002-10-04

the thoughts of andy, board

yes i have them.

To keep from overloading the news section I will post my thoughts here.

Posted by andrew blevins 2002-09-30

***New Website online!!

The official project website is up (though still under construction) @ I will be adding graphics/forum/more stuff to it ASAP


Posted by Chris Smith 2002-09-30

**Neocryptek back online!!

I have defeated the EVIL klez/elkern viruses that were on my cpu, and i have reinstalled everything. So i am back on messenger if you need to contact me.


Posted by Chris Smith 2002-09-30

yesterday's and todays thought

yesterday,s thought: Barns suck. And this ones not even a barn; its not red.

today's thought: Rain is like the greatest thing ever (under snow of course). Especialy when it halts the production of a barn.

Posted by andrew blevins 2002-09-29

**status report?

what is every one currently working on?
other chris?

Posted by andrew blevins 2002-09-28

**UPDATE: RTS2.0 Design Doc RELEASED!!

Posted by Chris Smith 2002-09-27

good resources

Posted by andrew blevins 2002-09-27

3d Engine Changed to OGRE (download here) to download/look at stats of engine

Posted by Chris Smith 2002-09-26