F5BJR - 2007-01-24

all is ok with my d-link DWL-G700AP

boot.jtag , console rs232 monitoring after

some files uploaded with tftp good as root.bin

but when i upload Conceptronic firmware or linux.boot , or original software i have this


have modified with new ip ( not default !! )


Uart init
mfid=000000c2 devid=00002249
Found 1 x 2M flash memory
---RealTek(RTL8186)at 2006.10.17-23:09+0300 version 1.3b [16bit](180MHz)
sys checksum error at 00010000!
no sys signature at 00020000!
no sys signature at 00030000!
Now your Target IP is
**TFTP Client Upload, File Name: C54APM-G700AP.bin
**TFTP Client Upload File Size = 00148412 Bytes at 80300000

Linux kernel upgrade.
checksum Ok !
burn Addr =0x00010000! srcAddr=0x80300000 len =0x00148412
Flash Write Failed!

thanks for help