WPA support?

  • Schlot

    Schlot - 2007-07-24


    is it possible to use WPA encryption with Wive?
    If this is the case, which WPA standards are supported (1, 2, TKIP, AES, Radius)?
    Where do I have to set these options?



    • Andres G. Schwartz

      I have the same problem. I found what the rtl8186 hardware appears to use a utility called "auth". I guess what this utility uses propietary characteristics of the chip because there is no source code (I found a .obj file to create the "auth" utility). This .obj file is not included with wive. I will try to contribute it because is hard to found. But anyway first I want to know how to use "auth"!! There is no documentation only some scripts (from other firmwares sources) where a call to auth is made and a conf file is specified but that conf file does not is included (I guess that the web scripts create one). I still are searching for some information of how to use "auth" and if it is really good for wpa or if it is old and obsolete now. If "auth" utilices privative commands to hardware this may be good enougth to use the specific chip advantages vs an open sourced one. For example: AES hardware crypto engine, WPA2 hardware implementation, etc. Some other vendors specially for broadcom chips utilices a software based AES cipher. The utilities that it uses are: "hostapd" and "wrt-radauth". Of course we are talking about RADIUS (Enterprise) WPA.
      That daemons utilities what I have mention are designated to athend the authentication process with radius. If you plan to use WPA without radius this is simply hardware config commands:

      iwpriv wlan0 set_mib encmode=2 # WPA=2, WPA2=4

      Above for setting the mode WPA. But I don't know how to set the PSK (Pre Shared Key) and less know about using RADIUS here :P But I guess you don't need anything more than just set it via command (there may be some for set the PSK).

      Sorry, I'm trying to learn how to...

      Bye for now.

      • Schlot

        Schlot - 2007-10-23

        Hi and thanks for your answer.

        ATM, I am using a WEP-encrypted network, because I still have some old (client) devices which do not support WPA. But as soon as they are replaced by newer ones, I would like to use WPA2 with PSK or RADIUS authorisation throughout my network. So I am also testing how to make it work - I could not find any manual either.

        I will leave some information here as soon as I figured out how to get WPA2.


    • Andres G. Schwartz

      I found some more information. Just searching in a firmware source I finally get the famous .conf file what uses the "auth" utility. Here is the content of the file:
      encryption = 2
      ssid = "8185_AP"
      enable1x = 0
      enableMacAuth = 0
      supportNonWpaClient = 0
      wepKey = 1
      wepGroupKey = ""
      authentication = 2
      unicastCipher = 1
      usePassphrase = 1
      psk = "1234567890"
      groupRekeyTime = 86400
      rsPort = 1812
      rsIP =
      rsPassword = ""
      rsMaxReq = 3
      rsAWhile = 5
      accountRsEnabled = 0
      accountRsPort = 1813
      accountRsIP =
      accountRsPassword = ""
      accountRsUpdateEnabled = 0
      accountRsUpdateTime = 60
      accountRsMaxReq = 3
      accountRsAWhile = 5

      Then with that we can make use of WPA (Personal or Enterprise, note the "psk").


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