dwl-g700ap help

  • s.mingoli

    s.mingoli - 2007-05-10

    Hi there,
    I tried to flash my access point, but it doesn't respond to tftp commands?
    Must the tftp server be enabled in some way?

    • Schlot

      Schlot - 2007-07-14


      You will need to power off your AP. Then while holding the reset button on the backside you have to power up the device. After a few seconds you can release the reset button. The Power and LAN LEDs should be on, the WiFi LED off. Then your AP should be ready for firmware flash via TFTP.

      In this mode, the AP seems to run a VERY simple IP stack, so it will not respond to ping requests or whatever.

      The firmware has to be uploaded to, so with my linux system I do the following:

      ifconfig eth0 up
      tftp -m binary -c put wive_rev_b.bin

      Where "eth0" and "wive_rev_b.bin" apply to _my configuration_.

      Then you have to wait for the AP to restart (I usually wait for about 2 minutes to be sure...). You should be able to get a ping reply from, which is the default wired network address in Wive. If it does not work, try to push the reset button and/or power-cycle the device and try to access that IP address again.

      Then, you can login with telnet or ssh - the default root password is "rtl8186".

      What I had to figure out first, was how to make changes to the filesystem permanent. Just type "fs save" to save changes.

      If you screwed up some settings and you are not able to access the system anymore, it does not seem necessary to re-flash it. I don't know exactly how it is implemented, but pressing the reset button a few times somehow restores the default settings.

      This is what I found out about this firmware here. The project is a very nice piece of work, but unfortunately, there is only a russian documentation, which I am unable to read. So I have to figure everything out by try&error.



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