Obiwan - 2006-12-04

First i want to give the mentors of this Project and the admins the Congratulations!!!
I will be here to help if anyone need.

So, im trying to devel a firm for Dlink G700.
I think that it would be good for this project to have a svn server for devel...

And my prob now is that i want to make a squash fs.
I have made the squashfs, burn it to the flash, but, how do i tell to kernel that i have 2 mtdblocks?
when my kernel boots, it says "VFS: Cannot open root device "mtdblock1" or 1f:01"
I have put in the /arch/mips/philips/nino/prom.c file "root=/dev/mtdblock1 console=0 single"

Best regards,

.:: OBIWAN ::.

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