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New rtl8185 driver released 6-25-09

Bob Good
  • Bob Good

    Bob Good - 2009-08-16

    Realtek released a new driver for rtl8185 June 25 2009 for linux. Here's a link to it...

    I compiled it in Jaunty but I'm unable to connect to WPA2 home router no matter what I try. The signal strength is great (90+ %) unlike default rtl8180 driver in Jaunty (0 to 30% fluctuating wildly and frequent dropped signal). Maybe someone can take a look at it and hopefully do something with it.

    Thank you.


    • Bob Good

      Bob Good - 2009-08-16

      I should have mentioned it includes the rtl8187 driver as well.


  • Kobi

    Kobi - 2009-10-14

    Hi Folks,

    I thought of sharing my experience.

    Yesterday. I've managed to install PCI wifi card with rtl8185 chipset. (Encore card).
    It is working very well on my Ubuntu 9.04 + kernel 2.6.28.

    I used the following:

    And using the forum

    I downloaded the latest driver that compiles OK. (I tried several drivers before that failed to compile)

    I needed to remove *all* old r8180 drivers on my system beforehand and have only the new one that I compiled and installed in /lib/modules/…

    Before I managed to install and make it work, I had lots of system lockups, and wmaster0 errors (again with system lockups).
    But once it was installed, everything worked OK. Connection was up and stable. Signal was strong etc…


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