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rtl8187se wireless card driver for linux

  • ilker Aktuna

    ilker Aktuna - 2009-03-24


    I have a problem connecting to my WPA2 network from my Linux netbook which has Realtek’s 8187se mini pci wireless card.

    My home network setup consists of a home made Linux Access point serving WPA2 on hostapd.
    However, I am unable to connect to it with this wireless card and the driver on various Linux distros.
    With the same hardware using Windows XP, I can easily connect to the Linux access point.

    On the following link, I’ve informed the hostapd mailing list about the problem looking for a solution on the access point side.
    However, I believe the most accurate solution could be supplied by the driver developers.

    Below is my description of the problem to hostapd group. I’d be very happy if you can look at the problem and let me know how I can solve this issue.

    I am also attaching the full logs from hostapd daemon on the access point side.


    I have a Linux access point which is serving my home network using the
    hostapd daemon.
    Until last week, I was very happy with it using version 5.8 because all of
    my clients (Windows XP) were able to connect to my WPA2-PSK network.

    However, on my new netbook (MSI Wind U100) I decided to use Ubuntu and I am
    unable to connect to the Linux access point.

    On the access point I have an Atheros wireless mini pci card.

    On the netbook I have Realtek's 8187se card and I have two working drivers
    for it.

    With both drivers, I can connect to many commercial wireless access points
    serving WPA2, using 802.11B
    As a side note, If I select 802.11G on these commercial APs , I can't
    connect with my Realtek card.
    Anyway, I have no objection to using 802.11B.
    But on my home network, I can't connect even using "hw_mode=b" on the
    hostapd.conf file.

    I tried many settings of the hostapd.conf file but I still can not connect.
    I even upgraded to hostapd version 6.8 (from 5.8) but that did not solve the

    When I check hostapd logs, I see "EAPOL-key timeout" messages.
    If you require, I can send full logs too.


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