hi all,

I have already committed rtftr ver 0.1 to d2labs repo (you all didn't notice as they don't have the feature of mailing svn commits). By April 20, 2009 we only need to show the SVN repo. layout ("SVN Repository Layout description of the project" ). So let's wait till April 19, 2009, if the D2 guys don't find a way to dump svn repo from SF to D2labs, we'll start development in D2labs svn repo. In the meantime let's continue working in SF repo.

As we only have 2 months for final submission, we need to first complete the "Essential TODO" items of version 0.2 workflow .

Anjan: you can work on improving AdaBoost. It's accuracy and performance is important to all other modules.

I am planning to start work on MPI based integration of all RTFTR modules.


On Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 10:45 AM, Anjan <rockanjan@gmail.com> wrote:
I have mainly 3 points to inform.

  1. The question asked by Abhishek for the sync between the OSCN svn and SF svn has not been replied. So, should we export the svn from the SF to OSCN and start commiting in OSCN for the entire competition time? afte that we can export to the SF and it will continue normally.
  2. The final project submission date is June 01 (not July 01, which we had thought previously). So, we only have 2 months for the project.
  3. I am working on the adaboost based face detection. But using the similar algorithm OpenCV already has a robust face detection application. But there are minor false detections made  by it. So I was thinking of using the color based face detection as well which can help produce good result in OpenCV (and my alogrithm as well). I don't think color based face detection (coding time) will take much time. Besides it should improve the detection speed of other algorithms.
Let me know what you guys think about these points....

On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 9:08 PM, Abhishek Dutta <thelinuxmaniac@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,
I have created a basic TODO list that itemizes the plan for OSCN-2009 at this wiki page


Let's collaborate to finalize this document.

NOTE: For rtftr version 0.2 , we will use the WIKI embedded in trac as the ticket based development using trac will be easier if we use the WIKI provided by trac. Moreover, trac's WIKI has cleaner look. Mediawiki (which was used for rtftr ver. 0.1) has been discarded for now.


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