Help me to run rtf2xml

  • BALA

    BALA - 2005-12-28

    Hi All,

    I am new to Python.

    os - windows 2000 professional.
    python - 2.4.2. Release 11/28/2005.

    I have gone through Doc file of installation.html in “rtf2xml-1.2\docs”.

    step followed are.

    1.    Downloaded rtf2xml-1.2 from sourceforge.
    2.    unpack the tar using winzip and extract to c:\ 3.    Change the file from “rtf2xml” to “” in the folder ‘scripts-2.4’
    4.    command prompt :  c:\rtf2xml-1.2> c:\python24\python install
    5.    it creates a build folder inside ‘c:\rtf2xml-1.2’

    Now I was unable use the command ‘rtf2xml’ from command prompt.

    Also I have gone through “Need help in rtf2xml” by sunny1979.


    • Paul Henry Tremblay

      I am sorry I cannot help you more, but I am a linux user. I don't know much about Windows.

      My guess is that everything is installing okay, but you don't have your PATH variable set up correctly. I think it might help if you asked on the python mailing list, since there are many Windows user on this mailing list, and they will be able to tell you right away what to do.

      What happens if you go inside the build folder? Do you see an executable file you can execute?

    • Jeremy Richman

      Jeremy Richman - 2006-09-20

      I'm having similar problems.  I started by getting a message that it was unable to import  I set my PYTHONPATH environment variable to include the rtf2xml directory and that got me to the next problem, which is that in the file there is an import of that imports rtf2xml.options_trem -- without the .py extension, but the actual file has the .py extension.  So I tried both renaming the file to not have the .py exension, and changing the import statement to include the .py extension, and it still maintains there is no such file.  That's presently where I am stuck.

      Balkrism, did you ever manage to get this running?  I'm 8 months behind you and would appreciate your help if you found success...

      • Paul Henry Tremblay

        The import message absolutely should not contain the py extension. When you import a module in Python, such as, you *don't* use the py extension.

        What message are you getting exactly? Again, you should be able to switch to the build directory (located in the same directory as the download) and run the script from there. That would be only a temporary solution, though.


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