• Tim Middleton

    Tim Middleton - 2006-03-01

    I'm working with RTF (exported from pagemaker). All of the inline elements seem to have italics=true, caps="true" and bold="true. This is not the case in the original document... the RTF opens in openoffice with the correct parts bold/italic, etc.

    Just wondered if anyone else has encountered this problem, and if there's any sort of easy solution.

    • Paul Henry Tremblay

      Can you attach a file so I can have a look?


      • Tim Middleton

        Tim Middleton - 2006-03-01

        I don't see any way to attach files in the forum. I'll attach it to a bug report for you tomorrow (i'm on a different computer at the moment).

        I think it's probably pretty old RTF. Maybe not worth bothering with. But you're the expert, you can judge for yourself...

    • vertagano

      vertagano - 2008-08-13

      I'm running into the same problem.

      I have an application that produced RTF, and I want to convert those files to XML.

      The problem is that rtf2xml doesn't seem to reset the Bold or Italic attributes when encounters \plain. Unfortunately, the RTFs that my target app produces only uses \plain to turn these off, so once they're on, they stay on.

      I've been looking through the source, but I'm not a Python user, so I'm having trouble finding where to implement this.


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