Thomas Blohorn - 2005-10-03

I think, you have maid a very useful tool for us.

For your information, we will try to extend your to_xhtml xsl package to include CSS part. I will send it to you if you want.

Do you know if somebody try to make an to_rtf xsl package? It will be very nice :
  1) An user  write an rtf
  2) rtf2xml
  3) specific xls to check somme part of the content and to include result of the check.
  4) to_rtf to reconvert in rtf
  5) The user see the check inside his document and correct it directly.
  6) Repeat until everything is correct (normally one repeat is enough)
  7) We have now an rtf with no error
  8) rtf2xml
  9) put inside a database good well formed data.

What do you think of this?