#1 Won't run under WinME


I've just downloaded Rtext and installed it under WinXP
and it works well - as far as I can tell - so far, but
it won't run at all under WinME.

The WinMe machine runs a freshly installed Java
Run-Time Environment SE v1.4.2_10 and all I get when I
try to run RText, is a very small error box with the
text in the top bar: "RText - Error".

As far as I can tell, JRE is installed properly as I
did not get any sort of error message during the install.

I'm just looking for a multi-platform WinXX and Linux
programmers editor, and it looks like RText has what I
need - as far as I can tell ;-)



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  • sourcer41

    sourcer41 - 2006-01-14

    Logged In: YES

    I've downloaded and installed the files unicows.dll and
    unicows.pdb in both c:\windows\system as well as in the
    RText directory, but it still reports the same error.

    Unless it is important to you, I would not spend too much
    time on it, although I'll be more than happy to help you
    resolve the problem

    - I suppose you got your new drive up and running again :-)


  • sourcer41

    sourcer41 - 2006-01-14
    • status: pending --> open
  • Robert Futrell

    Robert Futrell - 2006-01-14

    Logged In: YES

    Well, I was hoping unicows.dll would do the trick, but it
    didn't... I'll try emailing you a test executable soon, or
    you can download and play with the source yourself. I just
    uploaded the source I use for the starter exe (rewritten
    since I lost it when my old drive crashed, but it does the
    exact same stuff), so you're free to check it out and offer
    suggestions. I'm no Win32 expert by any means!

  • sourcer41

    sourcer41 - 2006-01-18

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    I'm afraid, I'm not very familiar with the Java world;
    however I had a bit of time and a thought the other day, so
    I tried to check the dependencies on DLLs for RText.exe on
    both machines.

    Under WinME I have two missing DLLs

    Under XP I'm missing EFSADU.DLL, although it does seem to run.

    Hope this help some

  • Robert Futrell

    Robert Futrell - 2009-03-03

    I haven't looked at this in awhile, but it simply isn't worth pursuing anymore. Windows ME's EOL was 11 July 2006, going on three years ago. Further, the global market share of Windows 98 & ME combined is 0.76%, which means for developers (our target audience) it's certainly much smaller.

  • Robert Futrell

    Robert Futrell - 2009-03-03
    • status: open --> closed
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