RText Version Now Available

RText is a customizable programmer's text editor written in Java. Some of its features include: syntax highlighting, editing multiple documents at once, printing and print preview, find/replace/find in files dialogs, undo/redo, and online help.

Here's what's new in
1. Cleaned up Options dialog code.
2. Added "Favorites" functionality to the file chooser. You can now mark directories as "Favorites" and have them available from a popup menu.
3. Added wide-char related functions (wchar.h) to function list for C.
4. You can now set what text antialiasing method RText will use in code editors. The actual methods available to choose from depend on your JVM version.
5. Added JSP syntax highlighting.
6. Updated Perl syntax highlighting. Changes include:
1. Recognizes variables of the form ${foo} as well as $foo.
2. Recognizes "heredoc" <<EOF syntax (not exhaustive, only common cases).
3. Recognizes POD blocks.
4. Recognizes m//, s///, tr///, and y/// patterns (again, this isn't exhaustive, only common cases).
5. Should be faster overall.
7. Removed a couple of unused files from the source distribution.
8. Updated translations: Arabic, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, and Traditional Chinese.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2008-04-09

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