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RText Version Now Available

RText is a customizable programmer's text editor written in Java. Some of its features include: syntax highlighting, editing multiple documents at once, printing and print preview, find/replace/find in files dialogs, undo/redo, and online help.

Changes in this release include:
1. Added menu items to increase or decrease the sizes of all fonts in the text areas simultaneously. This is helpful because previously you would have had to go into the Options dialog and changed the size of each font individually. These menu items are found in the View->Font Sizes menu.
2. Added support for 3rd party Look and Feels. To use a 3rd party Look and Feel (such as the JGoodies looks), do the following:
1. Place the Look and Feel's jar file in directory <RText-root>/lnfs.
2. Open up the file <RText-root>/lnfs/lookandfeels.xml. Add the XML necessary to have RText display your Look and Feel as an option (an example is in lookandfeels.xml).
3. Restart RText. In the Format->Look & Feel menu, you should now see the Look and Feel you added as an option!
Your third party Look and Feel will be remembered and used on subsequent startups. If the Jar file is moved, RText will default to the JRE's default look and feel.
3. Added Japanese translation (thanks tomoM!).
4. Updated Italian translation to have correct mnemonics.
5. The time/date stamp action (F5) now inserts a localized time/date stamp. Before it always used the format used by US Windows XP's Notepad.
6. Fixed a bug where a silent exception would be thrown if you tried to print when no print services were available.
7. Made changes to the internal workings of localization.
8. Upgraded to the new 1.0.2 Office Look and Feels jar.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2005-03-16

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