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RText is a customizable programmer's text editor written in Java. Some of its features include: syntax highlighting, editing multiple documents at once, printing and print preview, find/replace/find in files dialogs, undo/redo, and online help.

Here's what's new in

- You can now use different fonts for each individual token type! Although I find doing it distracting, others may like it. As a side-effect, the "Font" menu item in the Format menu has been removed; the font used for plain text files is configurable in the Syntax Highlighting option panel under "Plain Text/Identifier".
- Added the ability to make the edges of selections rounded. This is configurable from the Options dialog.
- A couple of minor fixes to some syntax highlighting lexers.
- Fixed a bug where if you opened the same file twice (i.e., had "file.txt (1)" and "file.txt (2)"), and did a "Save As..." to save one of them with a new filename, the number for the other document(s) weren't changed/removed.
- Fixed a bug in RTextArea's replaceRange() method that made certain text insertions require two undos to completely "undo."
- Fixed a big bug that prevented the caret from being repositioned properly sometimes when word wrap was enabled.
- Fixed a bug that made the combo boxes in the Find and Replace dialogs too wide if you entered a string into them longer than their preferred width.
- You can now change the status bar's style in the Options dialog. The current choices are "Windows 98-style" and "Windows XP-style." This property is remembered between sessions.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-12-04

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