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RText is a customizable programmer's text editor written in Java. Some of its features include: syntax highlighting, editing multiple documents at once, printing and print preview, find/replace/find in files dialogs, undo/redo, and online help.

Here is a list of the many new features and bug fixes in this release:

- RText now uses token styles (bold, italics) in word wrap mode!
- Added JavaScript syntax highlighting, both for *.js files and inside "<script>"/"</script>" tag pairs when highlighting HTML. This is configurable in the "File Filters" option panel.
- Enhanced Java syntax highlighting as follows:
- Javadoc metadata tags (@author, @version, etc.), are now highlighted.
- Annotations are highlighted (JDK 5.0 addition)
- Now colorizes Unicode char literals (e.g. '\u0003') as chars. Before this release, such tokens were colored as errors.
- Added the ability to toggle viewing whitespace. This is remembered between RText sessions.
- Added menu items/actions to block-indent the current line/all selected lines (Alt+left arrow, Alt+right arrow).
- Added menu items under the Edit menu to make the current selection upper-case, lower-case, or invert its case. These actions will be remembered in macros.
- Added a "Macro" option panel in the Options dialog. From here you can delete old macros you don't want/need anymore.
- Added a "File Chooser" option panel in the Options dialog. From here you can fully configure the file chooser.
- Added an option in the Options dialog to enable "smooth fonts" (i.e., antialiasing). This option is remembered between RText sessions.
- Fixed a bug in macros where the actions cut, copy, paste, and delete wouldn't be recorded in a macro.
- Modified the syntax-highlighting API to be more like that found in the javax.swing.text package.
- Added a custom cursor for when macros are being recorded.
- Enhanced the "file-system aware" text fields found in the file dialog and the find in files dialogs. You can now actually scroll their popup menus via the mouse, and use page-up/down to scroll through them pages at a time.
- Made the "Text Area" option panel into two separate panels, "Text Area" and "Syntax Highlighting". Note that some of the options in the "Syntax Highlighting" panel may appear to belong in the "Text Area" one, but these options panels actually reflect options for RTextArea and RSyntaxTextArea respectively; thus, options for each text area are on their respective panels. This unfortunately makes "Syntax Highlighting" an inaccurate option panel title.
- Simplified the insert/overwrite caret code in RTextArea.
- Made the Options dialog default to taking up much less screen real estate.
- Fixed a bug where you could insert a time/datestamp or change some text's case via menu options when editing a read-only document.
- Moved TimeDateAction from package org.fife.rtext to be a subclass in org.fife.ui.rtextarea.RTextAreaEditorKit.
- Extended the default file associations to include *.pm files as Perl files and *.manifest files as XML (for C#).
- Fixed up the Javadoc to build with no warnings.
- A few other small bug fixes.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-11-06

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