Version Released!

I've finally gotten around to making a new release. There's lots of new stuff in this release! Here's a look at the changes:

- Added macro support. Recording a temporary macro stores it in memory, and every time you execute a macro after that (Ctrl+Shift+M), the temporary macro will play. If you record a non-temporary macro, you will be prompted for a name for it after you finish recording it. It can then be accessed via the Macros menu. Ctrl+Shift+M will always play back the last recorded/played macro, regardless of whether it was temporary or not. The next release should see a "Macro Manager" panel in the Options dialog, where you will be able to remove/rename macros. While recording a macro, the cursor currently changes to a crosshair cursor over text areas; a custom cursor will come with the next release.
- Made the File chooser automatically detect the encoding of files. Now, when you select a file, its encoding (one of ASCII, UTF-8, or one of the 16-bit Unicodes) will be selected as well.
- Added initial drag-and-drop support to the tabbed view. You can now drag tabs across the tabbed pane to sort the documents opened in it.
- Made the Options dialog resizable and spiced it up a tad.
- Changed all "Color buttons" so they now present a popup menu when clicked instaed of a JColorChooser. This popup has several common color "swatches" to choose from, as well as a menu item to bring up the color chooser. This feature should make it easier to change the various color properties in RText.
- Made the status bar look Windows XP-ish, and made the Find in Files dialog use an "official" StatusBar instead of its own homebrew version.
- Made the Help dialog into a JFrame so it can be minimized/put behind the main RText window, etc.
- Improved undo/redo while in overwrite mode.
- Fixed a benign NullPointerException from occuring when switching the view style from tabbed to any one of the others.
- Fixed bug: Case-insensitive languages such as HTML, Windows batch and SAS were being case-sensitive in their keyword identification. This is fixed.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-09-29

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