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RText version is now available. This version contains several buxfixes, and attempts to "flesh out" the *NIX install package. Here's what's new: (08/18/2003):
- Deleting from the longest line in no-line-wrap mode did not update the text area's horizontal scrollbar. This was fixed.
- Added XML syntax highlighting.
- RText now handles long lines better (it's a little smarter about clipping when painting, and it shows up when scrolling a document with long lines).
- Fixed a bug in the background rendering code when the background was set to an image that was introduced in
- HTML syntax highlighting sometimes broke down in due to the expanded syntax highlighting styles; this should be fixed now.
- Updated "Save a Copy as Web Page" to include the new syntax styles (bold, italic) in generated web pages.
- Fixed a focus bug when using the tabbed pane view with a 1.5 JRE.
- Made RTextAreas slightly more memory efficient.
- The "Window" menu visible in MDI view wasn't properly updated when the user changed Look and Feels. This was fixed.
- Although it would never affect RText, a bug in the RTextArea API was fixed where if the user right-clicked to bring up the popup menu, but no icons had been assigned to the popup menu, an exception was thrown and the popup wasn't shown. This was fixed, so now an RTextArea can show the popup menu with no icons.
- FindInFilesDialog quietly threw an exception when the user double-clicked in the match list if it was empty. Although it did no damage, it still got fixed.
- Updated RTextFileChooser and FindInFilesDialog's constructors to use SpringLayout in a couple of places, simplifying their initialization.
- Made the size grip friendlier toward *NIX systems that don't support java.awt.Robot. You now don't get a dialog box with the "not supported" error every time you start up RText.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-08-19

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