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Another small release. After went out I noticed that I had broken line numbering in word wrap mode, so I fixed that, and added a few more internal changes I've been meaning to make:

Changes in (08/11/2004):
- Changed all "file-system-aware" combo boxes into "file-system-aware" text fields. These new components simplify the code a little, but more importantly, they're a little more flexible for the user (i.e., you can now select the only item in a one-item dropdown list).
- Moved FindInFilesDialog into the more-apt Now any program can take advantage of the "find in files" features found in RText.
You interact with it via a new FindInFilesListener interface.
- Fixed a bug with file-system-aware combo boxes: they didn't draw their borders in most Look-and-Feels.
- Fixed a bug in line numbering code that sometimes kept the line numbers from being updated when the user inserted multiple lines.
- Line numbering was very goobered when word wrap was enabled in the last release, thanks to my tweaking with the painting code. This should be fixed now.
- Internationalized the Find in Files dialog (translations for English and Spanish locales, just like the rest of RText).
- Added mnemonics to the Find in Files dialog.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-08-11

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