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After almost a month of work, I'm finally ready to release a new RText. The main motivation for this release was the need for a better file chooser, as well as the ability to support file encodings. Here's what's new:

Version (07/19/2004):
- RText now uses its own custom file chooser for opening/saving files. I did this for several reasons, including:
- The new file chooser is more flexible than the standard Java one. For all Look and Feels, it includes list, details, and icons views, as well as a right-click popup menu allowing you to rename files, delete files, create new directories, and more.
- It knows what files are open, and displays open files with an underlined file name so you don't accidentally open the same file twice.
- It recognizes file types RText can syntax-highlight, and color-codes them so you can easily pick them out.
- I hate the Motif file chooser, and now I won't have to deal with it when I use RText on UNIX hosts.
Soon there will be a panel in the Options dialog allowing you to configure the file chooser.
- Added support for file encodings. RText can now open files with ANSI, UTF-8, or Unicode encoding. This is handled through the new file chooser.
- The source browser can now be made floatable in its own window, as well as docked to one side of the main RText window.
- Fixed a bug where the source browser didn't always destroy the spawned ctags process when an exception occured during its execution.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-07-20

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