Version Now Available!

It took me a little longer than usual to get this release out, but nevertheless it's here! Here's what's new in

- Internationalized RText. You can now choose between English
and Spanisn as the language used by the RText GUI. Changes
will not be made until RText is stopped and restarted. New
languages can easily be added in the future; if you are
interested in translating RText to a new language, please
contact me (see the bottom of this file).
- Added bracket matching! You can change the colors used
to highlight matching brackets in the "Text Area" portion of
the Options dialog.
- Slightly optimized the Find algorithm when regular expressions
aren't being used.
- Optimized the Find in Files dialog. Searches should now be
much quicker (2-2.5x faster in most cases, from my tests).
- Fixed bug: Checking for file changes on disk would ask
multiple times for the same file if more than one file was
modified at the same time.
- Added "file-system-aware" combo box as Find in Files
dialog's "In Folder" combo. It tries to be smart and gives
you a list of all directories matching what you've typed
thus far.
- Added SAS syntax highlighting. May not be 100% accurate, as I'm
by no means a good SAS programmer. It also isn't smart enough to
recognize when tokens are in invalid locations (such as a proc name
is in the middle of a data step), so it will always color tokens
as it sees 'em. Please let me know if you see a bug in this
syntax highlighting scheme, and I'll be glad to fix it.
- Added SAS file filters to open/save dialogs.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-06-05

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