New Release Now Available!

This release contains many bug fixes, as well as many changes to make RText run correctly on OS X. Changes in version include:

- MANY updates to make RText run on Mac OS X. Special thanks
to Peter Wyss for making these changes and sharing his Mac
expertise ;-)
- Fixed bug: Lack of "forward" and "backward" images for the
Office2003 icon set made the Help dialog now show up when
these icons were used. This is now fixed.
- Fixed bug: When you switch to the MDI view from another
view, there is no active window.
- RText now checks for files being updated outside of the
editor. For example, if you have a file "foo.txt" open in
RText, then open "foo.txt" in another editor and save it,
RText will realize this and ask you whether or not you
want to reload the file.
- Fixed bug: The Read-only indicator was broken from when I
added the ability to change your view style. This is now
- Changed recent file list in the File menu to be its own
popup menu, allowing RText to remember many more files.
- Made the "Recent Files" submenu keep track of the files in
the order in which you opened them.
- Fixed bug: The "current line highlighter" when word wrap was
enabled was broken in I believe this is actually due
to a bug in Sun's JRE. Either way, it's fixed now.
- You can now toggle word wrap and line numbers separately. This
means you can now have line numbers enabled while word wrap is on.
This is due to a new line numbering class that enables more
functionality and should be a little mor efficient.
- Updated status bar indicators so that the line/column indicator
should never truncate its text, even for very high line/column
- Fixed bug: For Perl syntax highlighting, builtin "shell"
variables (such as $@ and $!) messed up the rendering for the
line they were on. This is now fixed.
- Fixed bug: When using the MDI view, the name of the currently
active document in RText's title bar wasn't always properly
updated. This is now fixed.
- Added an open document list to the Window menu, similar to that
found in many MDI applications. Clicking on one of the open
document menu items makes that document the active one.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-05-15

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