Release Now Available

This release brought about several changes in several diffent parts of the code, both improving speed and adding new features.

Here's what's new in RText version
- Syntax highlighting:
- Added Perl syntax highlighting. Note that this currently
does NOT currently handle patterns (/foo/, s/foo/bar/, etc.),
as I didn't have the time to add them.
- All: Increased efficiency during insert/delete text.
- C, C++, C#, Java: Removed a little unnecessary code in
- Fixed a bug in the C++ highlighting code that prevented
the '~' character from being interpreted as the beginning
of a destructor method.
- Added "Save a Copy as Web Page..." option in File menu. Now
you can export your syntax highlighted souce code into an HTML
file for display on the web.
- The toolbar is now dockable. Until now it's not been dockable,
as I didn't know how to keep the status bar from interfering with
the toolbar when it was docked at the bottom. After some clever
work with nested JPanels, it's now working ;-)
- Added an option to highlight the display names of modified
documents with a different color. For example, if you have
opened and modified a document "foo.txt", then the "foo.txt*"
found on that document's tab or in the document list split pane
can be highlighted red (or any other color) as a visual cue of
unsaved modifications. This preference is saved between RText
- Enhanced line numbers; the highlight of the current line's line
number is now toggled with the current line highlight option,
and the color with which the current line number is highlighted
now matches the current line's highlight color. This makes
things look a little nicer.
- Fixed a bug that made all search options ("Match Case", etc.)
not modifiable if you changed the view style.
- Fixed a bug where the line/column indicator was always enabled
on startup, even if word wrap was enabled.
- Improved handling of Home/Insert keypresses and actions.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-04-02

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