New Version Released!

Here's what's new:

- Touchups to syntax highlighting:
- C, C++, Java: Fixed a bug that caused exceptions to be thrown
sometimes if a multiline comment's end token was
- Java: Made all java.lang.* classes, interfaces, exceptions and
errors into syntax highlighted tokens. I classified them
as "functions" even though they aren't functions, but
I didn't have a token type descriptive enough for them.
- Updated Options Dialog:
- You can now decide what file extensions get associated with
what file types, and thus control what files get syntax
- Fixed 'Text Area' panel so that clicking the 'Restore Defaults'
button only enables the Apply button when it changes something.
- RText once again remembers more between sessions:
- Whether or not the window was maximized.
- File filters
- File history
- Fixed bug: Background as image stopped working on Windows with the
introduction of syntax highlighting.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-03-06

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