New Version Released!

Here's what's new in this release:

- Touchups to syntax highlighting:
- All: Word wrap now works with syntax highlighting.
- C, C++: Made characters '?' and ':' highlighted as operators.
Preprocessor directives now colored.
- Java: Made characters '?' and ':' highlighted as operators.
Documentation comments distinguished from
multiline comments.
- Overhaul of Options dialog; designed to reflect more modern
Options dialog style found in many Windows applications. Also
added support for customizing syntax highlighting and other text
area options.
- RText now remembers more of your preferences between sessions:
whether or not word wrap was on, caret color, selection color, and
syntax highlighting colors.
- Fixed small bug involving changing carets and selections: if you
had a selection then switched from insert to overwrite mode or
vice versa and moved the caret, it appeared that the old selection
stayed (even though it really didn't). This is now fixed.
- Block caret used in overwrite mode now sizes itself to the character
it's over; this makes it look a little nicer when using a
proportional font.
- Fixed up inline comments; Javadoc now generates with no errors
or warnings.
- Fixed bug - Bad regular expressions in find/replace operations threw
unreported exceptions and appeard to not do anything; you now get a
dialog box telling you to check your regular expression.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-02-27

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